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Collective Impact: Working Together For a Better Tomorrow

Smart Beginnings Virginia Peninsula is working to ensure that each child is born healthy and enters kindergarten ready to succeed in school and in life. As the backbone of the Collective Impact initiative, we are convening agencies across sectors to work together to move the needle for young children on the Peninsula. Over the last year, local funders have invested resources to make our community a more equitable place for all children and families on the Peninsula. SBVP has identified early adopters of the Collective Impact Initiative who are working to lay a strong foundation and prepare for more impact. A structure is established and plans are underway for the community to work together for children, birth to five.

Collective Impact in the Early Childhood Development and Health ecosystem is dynamic and there are tangible ways for you to contribute.

Champion the Work

Champions possess the ability to raise the profile of early childhood development and health and galvanize action in the community. They will use their circle of influence to persuade other leaders to join and advocate for the effort.

Join the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group comprised of cross-sector community partners representative of the early childhood development and health ecosystem that provides strategic direction for the Collective Impact initiative.

Join a Working Group

Working Groups are the heartbeat of collective impact: where action occurs and goals are brought to life. Working Groups are responsible for the work that will drive the impact of the initiative based on the data informed results selected by the Steering Committee.

Support Data and Research

Collective Impact is an ends to means approach to social change. Data informs the direction and it is important to keep both quantitative and qualitative data at the center of the work. We need data miners to gather relevant data to inform the working groups as they move the needle for children, birth to five on the Peninsula.

~Maleah Amos, Collective Impact Director

Contact Maleah if you are interested in getting involved!

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