Sparking early childhood health and education.

90% of brain growth occurs before the age of 5 and before elementary schooling begins.

From the earliest days of a mother’s pregnancy up through pre-kindergarten, children need access to early childhood programming so they can become caring, thinking, confident, active individuals.

This means providing resources to expectant mothers and steering families toward early childhood education programs that nurture their child’s social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

Together, we can make a difference.

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The most successful initiatives are shaped by personal experiences. Join our Family Council or Local Coalition to help us identify regional needs and priorities that will create an impact.

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Invite a speaker from FirstSpark to address your staff, civic group or faith community.

Take a moment to learn more about the needs of our earliest learners to empower your own messaging.

Become an ambassador within your community who can speak to the importance and impact of quality early childhood development.

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Help us ensure every child in our area gets the best possible start. Your donation means…

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An expectant mom doesn’t feel alone during pregnancy or in her search for quality child care.

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A new dad feels empowered with tools and support in the earliest days to build a strong foundation at home.

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An Early Childhood Educator has more access to continuing education and new ways to engage young learners.

Happy little boy holding hands with his teacher on first day of preschool

All children have the key cognitive, emotional, and physical skills needed to enter kindergarten ready to learn.