There are many ways to get involved and help make a difference in our children’s future.

From better understanding the needs so you can be an advocate to volunteering or donating to support our efforts, there is no right way to get involved.

Teacher squatting next to student helping with homework

Ways You Can Make a Difference

Four Kids sin the forest together laughing and having fun

Understanding the Need

Ready to Make a Spark?

Help us ensure every child in our area gets the best possible start. Your donation means…

pregnant woman using smartphone sitting on couch at home

An expectant mom doesn’t feel alone during pregnancy or in her search for quality child care.

Happy father hugging little son at home

A new dad feels empowered with tools and support in the earliest days to build a strong foundation at home.

Male educator playing with preschoolers at the table

An Early Childhood Educator has more access to continuing education and new ways to engage young learners.

Happy little boy holding hands with his teacher on first day of preschool

All children have the key cognitive, emotional, and physical skills needed to enter kindergarten ready to learn.