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Welcome to our Training Library — a resource where we share some of our webinars and past presentations. We hope you find these recorded sessions helpful and informative!

The videos provided in this library are for general informational and professional development purposes only.  Videos and materials branded with the Virginia Quality (VQ) logo were recorded prior to June 30, 2023 with funding provided by  Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Social Services, Division of Childcare and Early Childhood Development. These materials were created to support educators’ efforts to improve child-teacher interactions prior to embarking on Virginia’s new Unified Measurement and Improvement System – Virginia Quality Birth to Five (VQB5).

FirstSpark Prenatal Resource Program

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Productivity: Tips and Tricks

Considers how well the teacher manages instructional time and routines, and provides activities for children, so that they have opportunities to be involved in learning activities.

An Appetite for Mealtime Learning

Mealtimes are a great time to come together, have conversations, build on learning, and promote children’s social, emotional, language and communication. Use the time to engage and interact with children by asking questions, getting involved in their conversations, introducing new vocabulary, and modeling language development for them.

Facilitating Children’s Engagement in a PREK classroom

Focuses on the ways in which the teacher maximizes students’ interest, engagement, and ability to learn from lessons and activities.

Enhanced Storytelling

Tips and Tricks for Enhanced Story Telling using Concept Development and Language Modeling

Concept Development: Math Manipulatives

Always have children learning math through the use of manipulatives. This will provide a solid foundation for many skills and concepts they’ll learn in math.

Maximizing Engagement in an Inclusive Classroom

This session will consider engagement in both special education and general education classrooms from the perspective of a skill that can be taught and strengthened through intentional teaching strategies.

Big Rules Little Rules

This webinar explores how to effectively utilize big rules to set boundaries for children as we support their behaviors toward others and their classroom environment. We also explore how little rules help to create specific developmentally appropriate behavioral expectations to enhance the quality of interactions between children and early childhood teachers.


Culturally Responsive Anti Bias Teaching

This three-part series on Culturally Responsive Anti Bias teaching will provide a variety of best practices and teaching strategies that support the way children see themselves in the world and their development of appreciating the differences of others.

This series will focus on three topics that support a Culturally Responsive Anti Bias classroom. This includes Instructional Practices, Establishing Relationships with Families, and Developing Positive Identity.

All three trainings will provide content that stresses the importance of high-quality interactions and its positive impact on creating classroom communities that celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

Instructional Practices

Establishing Relationships with Families

Positive Identity Development


Digging Deeper into Effective Interactions

We know these are challenging times as a preschool educator and we are here to help you. We have developed a webinar series to provide you an opportunity to spend some of your time learning some new classroom strategies and earn professional development hours. This webinar series is made up five individual 30-minute webinars.

After watching the videos, you are asked to answer two reflection questions about the topic. After you submit your reflection answers, you will receive an online evaluation.

Once completed your will then receive a certificate for 1 hour of professional development training. The webinars are not intended to be viewed in any specific order, so you can pick and choose which ones to watch.

Facilitating Cognitive Development

Using Visual Supports in the Classroom

Successful Whole Group Times - Building a Classroom Community

Instructional Support and Small Group

Language and Conversations with Young Children

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