Igniting our community’s commitment to early childhood.

The first five years are a time of wonder and discovery when 90% of a child’s brain gets wired.

Families and educators are working day in, day out, to help each child succeed, but without support, resources, and guidance, disparity is rampant and many children fall through the cracks.

That’s where we come in.

FirstSpark is a nonprofit that shapes the future of child care and development. Learn how we are serving as an expert, navigator and champion for children in our community.

About Us
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How FirstSpark is Here for You


Whether you’re an expectant parent or have young children, we’re here to support you and help give your child the best start possible. From low-cost and free prenatal services to tips on finding child care and resources for early childhood development, we can help.

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Early Childhood Professionals

We offer providers, teachers and others working in the field of early care and education with access to free and low-cost professional development, as well as assistance to become regulated through our Virginia Quality Birth to Five (VQB5) program.

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Ready to Make a Spark?

Help us ensure every child in our area gets the best possible start. Your donation means…

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An expectant mom doesn’t feel alone during pregnancy or in her search for quality child care.

Happy father hugging little son at home

A new dad feels empowered with tools and support in the earliest days to build a strong foundation at home.

Male educator playing with preschoolers at the table

An Early Childhood Educator has more access to continuing education and new ways to engage young learners.

Happy little boy holding hands with his teacher on first day of preschool

All children have the key cognitive, emotional, and physical skills needed to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Together, we can make a difference.

From the earliest days of infancy up through pre-kindergarten, children need to be guided and stimulated to become caring, thinking, confident, active individuals.