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Back to School!

It is the beginning of September and everyone knows what that means: it’s time to get ready for another school year!

But, this year will look different so we wanted to devote this month’s blog post to families as they work to support their children’s learning ~ remotely or in-person. Below is a list of resources that we compiled to help you navigate the weeks and months ahead.

For the youngest e-learners, check out this video recording of “A Little Spot Learns Online” by Diane Alber. This book is recommended for children as young as age 4 and helps explain what to expect with online learning. Your child's school may be a little different but the book is a good starting place.

Articles with tips to prepare your child for online learning:

7 Tips for Parents to Mentally Prepare Their Children, and Themselves, For An Upended School Year

At-Home Learning Resources for the COVID-19 Outbreak

Distance Learning: 8 Tips to Help Your Child Learn at Home

Websites with their own lists of online resources:

We Are Teachers

National Head Start Association

Zero to Three

Additional items:

Covid-19 Books for Preschool Kids

American Academy of Pediatrics guidance

SBVP's Facebook page frequently has articles and tips for parents and families

If you have any tips to share with parents and families, then leave a comment below.

Please remember that whatever this school year holds, SBVP will be working to support children, families and educators navigate their ever-changing learning environments!

Julie Duregger

Assistant Director

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