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Virginia Quality for Providers

VQB5 – Virginia’s Quality Measurement and Improvement System

Virginia Quality for Parents


Virginia’s early childhood system must ensure that all children have quality teaching and learning experiences that meet their unique needs. To do this, Virginia has developed the Unified Virginia Quality Birth to Five System (VQB5), which recognizes the impact of every classroom, provides feedback to every educator, and supports all publicly funded birth-to-five programs to improve.

VQB5 is a measurement and improvement system that focuses on the quality of all publicly-funded birth-five classrooms and supports families to choose quality programming across different program types. VQB5 sets shared expectations for measuring quality and supporting teachers for all birth to five programs. Through VQB5, teachers and leaders will receive the feedback and support they need to help young children learn.

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VQB5 Participation Requirements 2023-2024

Beginning in August 2023, all publicly funded programs that serve children ages birth to 5 are required* by state law to participate in VQB5. This includes:

  • Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)

  • Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE or IDEA Part B, Section 619 preschool)

  • Head Start / Early Head Start

  • Virginia's Child Care Subsidy Program (VA CCSP)

  • Local government child care assistance, such as Fairfax's Child Care Assistance and Referral (CCAR) program

  • Title 1 Preschool

  • Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF) Mixed Delivery

  • Federal Department of Defense Military Child Care Fee Assistance (MCCYN)

  • Federal Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS)

* programs that do not receive public funding have the option to participate


Strengthened Quality: Educators and leaders will receive individualized feedback and support

Training and Support: Educators and leaders will have access to supports, training, and resources to help improve interactions and access to curriculum.

Public Recognition: Quality profiles will be posted publicly starting in the fall of 2024. All programs will receive a certificate.

Financial Recognition for Child Care and Family Day Home Teachers: To assist with providing competitive compensation, eligible educators will receive up to $3,000 through RecgonizeB5



RecognizeB5 recognizes that strengthening the ECCE system starts at the classroom level.

  • Teachers should be supported to improve and be recognized as one of the most important elements to a high-quality experience for young learners.

  • Many early childhood teachers—especially in family day homes and child care settings—are women of color who provide an essential service yet often are paid less than teachers in school-based settings.

  • Teacher turnover is much higher in these settings, which can negatively impact adult-child relationships and interactions.

For further information, contact Hilari Devine

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