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Regardless of whether there are young children in your life, the care and education of young children affect you in more ways than you realize



By capitalizing on a key period of brain development, we can ensure children gain important traits as self-control, independence, language skills and making good choices. A child who is healthy and prepared will enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Conversely, children who start behind tend to stay behind, as countless studies show.


As Hampton Roads residents, it's our duty to this community and our own future to make sure young children here get the strong start they need. Whether we volunteer at a preschool, vote for pre-K funding, donate to early childhood nonprofits, or become active in a young child's life, we're ensuring a high return to society for our investment... and best of all, making a difference in a child's life.

Helping Hands

Make a Difference


  • Volunteer with Smart Beginnings Virginia Peninsula, which could range from helping with family events to working with young children to business mentoring. 

  • Donate to Smart Beginnings Virginia Peninsula to support the work of early childhood organizations

  • Use Amazon Smile when shopping online. Be sure to start on this page each time before you buy, and 5% of your purchase will go to Smart Beginnings.

  • Invite a speaker from Smart Beginnings Virginia Peninsula to address your staff, civic group or professional organization

  • Provide scholarship funds for early childhood care and education teachers (email for details)



Provides one pregnant woman with information for a healthy birth

Provides one family with support to find quality child care


Provides one teacher with a scholarship for early childhood credentialing


Provides one classroom with strategies to support social-emotional development

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Provides one teacher with two weeks of intensive coaching

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